Anderson Layne & the Killer Saints



Anderson Layne and the Killer Saints was formed in December of 2012 when lead guitar player Ray St. Germain told Anderson Layne that it was stupid for him to not get back out there and play his songs. The result has been a collaborative effort between the two songwriters that includes the drumming prowess of Art Quanstrom, and superb low end from a heavenly host of individuals. Other Killer Saints have included founding member Hank Neuhoff, and contributions from Brion Gamboa and Brian Bailey as well. Despite all three primary members having long lists of credits and musical accomplishments to their names, this is about ALKS and there is no looking back.

On December 18, 2012 Anderson was offered a gig at the Hard Rock Café in Nashville on December 22. Of course he said yes, and by accident over the next four days ALKS was born. After playing the gig no one seemed to know why that would be the first and the last, so the band was named and many things followed.

On March 28, 2013 ALKS released their first EP: St. Charles. St. Charles is a three song record available on itunes which featured three songs; two refurbished versions of songs off of Anderson’s 2012 release Rupert Pumpkin, and one brand new song Learn To Walk Away Lonely. The EP was self-produced and recorded in Anderson’s The Underground East Nashville studio, and was mastered at Ronnie’s Place by Justin Francis. ALKS, working with film producer Q, released a music video for the lead single St. Charles

Almost a year to the first day, on December 3, 2013 ALKS released a 9 song live record recorded at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville called Live and On Fire. This release is available on and was titled in regards to the show being a benefit for injured fireman David Powell. As such, the cover photo was taken at a fire by Anderson’s little brother who is a member of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

ALKS released their self titled record on itunes April 28,2015. For this seven song effort ALKS set out to make an old school hard rock record. Not only does this record feature six of the Killer Saints, but it features the background vocals of Cathy St. Germain and Mike Reno of Loverboy. Recorded again in Anderson’s The Underground, ALKS turned to legendary live mix engineer Tom Abraham (Metallica, Alice in Chains, Keith Urban) to mix and master.

A long 2 years later, roughly in early May of 2017, ALKS released Welcome To The Greenhouse. This three song ep recorded again in The Underground includes the bass playing of Brian Murphree. Mastered this time by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters. The cover photo taken by Anderson is part of Col. Tom Parker’s house and office from which he managed Elvis’ entire career in Madison, just outside East Nashville. True to current Nashville tradition, it is being torn down to build a car wash.

ALKS loves playing rock shows, and will continue to do so until everyone is dead I guess. Here’s to imagination, dive bars in the heart of the city, and smoky booze filled dreams…